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Britney Gets A Little More Personal In Pics With Her Best Friend

Britney has a gay BFF. Queen!

Brit Brit showed off her bestie in two new photos she posted on Instagram, but more importantly, she’s wearing a fedora and giving me “Blackout” teas.

Check it out:

Katy Perry Infiltrating The iPhone 6

Katy Perry Will Be On Your New iPhone

Does she really think this is a good idea after the U2 debacle?

Katy Perry informed fans everyone getting an iPhone 6 she’ll have a selfie automatically in your newly purchased phone, because, I don’t freaking know. It’s like, no, stop. STOP! I’d like to choose what I have on my phone that I’m constantly using. If I want to see selfies of Katy Perry, I will log on to her Instagram account.

She Tweeted:

Britney Says The 30′s Are Her Best Years

Britney Says The 30's Are Her Best Years

Britney feels sexier then ever, and she performed with a snake once.

Britney recognizes your twenties are a shit show and the thirties are when self-discovery really takes a front seat (I’ve never been a passenger, though).

During an interview at her The Intimate launch last week, Brit says:

Taylor Swift & Her Pussy Walk Around NYC

Taylor Swift & Her Pussy Walk Around NYC

Oh come on. She asked for that headline.

Taylor Swift decided to carry her cat around NYC today. Everything about this picture is just… YES. The kitty, the shoes, her facial expression, the high waisted skirt. Absolutely YES.

While I got you… here’s five things to expect on her new album ’1989.’