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Maroon 5 Wrecks “Animal” With Big Boi Feature

Maroon 5 Wrecks "Animal" With Big Boi Feature

Maroon 5 added Big Boi to “Animal” for some reason.

For some unknown reason, Maroon 5 took their flawless song off “V” and added Big Boi to it.

It prompts the questions: WHY? And WHAT? And HOW? And WHY?

Here’s to hoping they really run with it and add Big Boi to the music video.

Listen to it here:

An Unretouched Britney Outtake Leaked

An Unretouched Britney Outtake Leaked

Britney Spears stuns in new outtake amidst contouring controversy.

Britney’s new Women’s Health magazine photoshoot by Jeff Lipsky caused quite the commotion this week. Some people felt her appearance looked different, whether that’s due to airbrushing, makeup contouring or something else we don’t know. But despite all the hoopla, Britney remains a beauty – seen here in this newly leaked outtake from her photoshoot for V magazine by Mario Testino in 2011.

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In this picture, Britney is retouch free (aside from BreatheHeavy photoshopping out her nipple) and looks great!

Ch-ch-check out the unedited version:

Nicki Minaj Confirms Next Single, Is The New Face Of Roberto Cavalli

Nicki Minaj’s next single is the Beyonce collabo.

That’s right! When Nicki ain’t showing them titties, she’s hustling behind-the-scenes with super-stars like Ariana Grande and Beyonce – both features on “The Pinkprint.”

During an appearance on Hot 97 VIP Lounge, Nicki’s asked if “Want Some More” is the next single, but she flat out says “no” and says the people have spoken: it’s her song with Beysus called “Feeling Myself.”

“They picked it on they own.”