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Jennifer Hudson's "He Ain't Goin Nowhere" Is Here To Stay

Time Flies When You're Getting To Work Bitch

Britney Can’t Get Enough Of Vegas #PieceOfMe

Britney To Extend Her Vegas Residency

Britney Spears is this close to extending her Vegas residency.

Things are looking up for Vegas to keep Britney in town for another couple years.


DWNTWN’s Indie Point Of View On The Music Industry

DWNTWN's Indie Point Of View On The Music Industry

I walked into the house where the band DWNTWN was temporarily staying before their show in (get this) downtown Las Vegas, and within 30 seconds was offered a beer. I knew the professional thing was to decline, so I kindly accepted.

The group began as a duo with Jamie Leffler (vocals) and Robert Cepeda (guitar, vocals), but over time felt it wasn’t heading in the direction they wanted and signed on Chris Sanchez (keyboards, bass) and Dan Vanchieri (drums).

I sip my beer and ask why they’re excited to perform in Las Vegas.

“We’ve really upped our live show a lot: lighting, gear, equipment, performing,” Dan Vanchieri says. “We’re really focusing on putting on a show, as opposed to playing song after song after song; a lot of practicing and rehearsals and getting ready for this tour.”

They nod in agreement.

“After this we’re going to work on more music again.”


Ariana Grande – If Words Could Kill

Ariana Grande was overheard saying she wishes her annoying ass fans would die.

The blooming singer is under fire recently for her diva behavior, and though she’s denied these allegations left and right, they continue to pour in. This time, someone over heard the “My Everything” singer slam her fanbase.

After leaving an interview at a radio event:

Diplo On Working With Madonna: She’s A Legend

Diplo On Working With Madonna: She's A Legend

Madonna’s using a lot of Diplo for her new album.

He stopped by BBC1 Radio to chat about what he’s up to (a lot), including his time in the studio with Madge – an artist he didn’t expect to get anywhere with (lol).

“I never expected to accomplish a lot with her. I thought we were maybe just going to meet and try some things out,” adding he heard from producers she’s pretty hard to work with. The two ended up gelling well together.

He continued: