Madonna Talks Sexism, Nostalgia And The State Of Pop Music

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Madonna Performs “Living for Love” and “Ghosttown” on Le Grand Journal

madonna living for love ghosttown

Get ready to have a (rebel) heart attack, Madonna’s back on stage.

Fresh from announcing her very exciting (albeit very expensive) ‘Rebel Heart Tour’, Madonna has taken the stage to remind us why we should shell out the money to see her in concert later this year. Appearing on French talk show, Le Grand Journal, the superstar performed current single, “Living for Love”, and its rumoured follow-up, “Ghosttown”.

Check out the material girl’s performances below – spoiler alert: she remains firmly on her feet throughout.


Listen: Kanye West’s “All Day”

Listen: Kanye West's "All Day"

Kanye West dropped the studio version of his new song “All Day.”

After ferociously performing “All Day” at the BRIT Awards, Kanye graced our ears with his latest work.

Listen here:

Britney On Her Iggy Collab: It’s A Club Banger

Britney On Her Iggy Collab: It's Very Cool

Britney Spears confirms the Iggy Azalea track is still happening.

During her event at with kids from the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation last week in downtown Las Vegas, Britney spoke with DJ Pauly D for Extra about her lead single with the Australian rapper, boyfriend Charlie Ebersol and shades her former self.

Madonna Talks Sexism, Nostalgia And The State Of Pop Music

Madonna Talks Sexism, Nostalgia And The State Of Pop Music

Madonna thinks we’re living in lonely age, pop music is boring and Miley Cyrus acts like a dude.

Madonna’s gained a lot of insight thanks to her lengthy career spanning three decades in the music biz. Things change and she’s well aware of that. The “Icon” singer left all f*cks at the door in her new interview with Pitchfork, opening up about the nostalgia essence of her “Rebel Heart” songs, how social media’s ruining young peoples’ lives and sexism.

Here are the Top 5 quotes from that interview: