Iggy Azalea Says "Pretty Girls" Is For Britney's New Album

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Zayn Malik “I Won’t Mind” Demo + Twitter Feud With 1D Bandmate

Zayn Malik "I Won't Mind" Demo + Twitter Feud With 1D Bandmate

The messiest One Direction era continues…

It’s safe to say 1D are having the worst month ever on a personal level (professionally they’re doing fine, they just performed two shows in South Africa to massive 95k sold out crowds) and the saga continued tonight when Louis Tomlinson fired off a tweet aimed at Zayn Malik’s friend/producer Naughty Boy.

The producer had previously retweeted a mind-numbing video that states “Zaughty Will Rise” over and over. “Zaughty” of course, being Zayn and Naughty combined, which Naughty Boy actually had printed on customised tracksuits for himself and the 22 year old ex-boy bander last year. No, really:


Tomlinson felt the retweet was a direct attempt to antagonize One Direction fans, who are still reeling from Malik’s departure from the group.

Naughty Boy didn’t take too kindly to Tomlinson, er, defending his own fanbase, and subsequently shot off a few weak rebuttals before stunning everyone by dropping a rough cut of a solo track from Zayn, titled “I Won’t Mind”. The soft acoustic ballad is a far cry from the usual thumping pop/rock 1D is known for.

Check it out below:

Was Aaliyah Overrated?

Was Aaliyah Overrated?

T-pain has some interesting thoughts on Aaliyah’s legacy.

While promoting his new mixtape, The Iron Way, T-Pain discussed one of the CD’s standout tracks, “Girlfriend” featuring unheard vocals by the late singer Aaliyah.

The Internet has been rumbling with opinions on whether T-Pain was worthy of having Aaliyah’s vocals on one of his tracks. T-Pain didn’t take these dissenting opinions too well when he gave a recent interview with Parlé Magazine.


Tidal Officially Launched, Jay-Z Opens Up About Music’s Newest Innovation

Tidal Officially Launched, Jay-Z Opens Up About Music's Newest Innovation

What is the deal with the Tidal music streaming movement.

I use the term “movement” because some of music’s biggest acts united together for the sake of promoting and nurturing their art.

Iggy Azalea Says “Pretty Girls” Is For Britney’s New Album

Iggy Azalea Says "Pretty Girls" Is For Britney's New Album

Iggy Azalea says “Pretty Girls” is for Britney’s new ALBUM. Say whaaat?

Despite manager Larry Rudolph telling Billboard a new Britney album is not a priority, Iggy Azalea says she won’t take the song for her next record because it’s going on Britney’s new record. Oh, and Iggy is co-directing the music video.