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Beyonce Releases “7/11″ Music Video

Beyonce Releases "7/11" Music Video

Beyonce just pulled a Beyonce.

Beyonce unexpectedly dropped the music video for “7/11,” her first single from the “Beyonce” Platinum Edition re-release, on her website. It literally cost her nothing and will probably make her millions – that’s exactly why I find it genius and applaud Bey for once again remaining ahead of the curve.

In the clip, Beyonce acts a mess in and out of her hotel room. The end.

Get ready for an explosion of self-made low-budget music videos to surface and calling it “the Beyonce.”

Watch it here:

This Week’s Magazines You Need To Give A Shit About

This Week's Magazines You Need To Give A Shit About

A magazine is a physical paper thing you can purchase at something called a store.

There are several important magazines you need to see this week, and thanks to the Internet you won’t have to actually experience this thing called ‘outside.’ Yuck. Instead, let your cat continue sleeping on your lap, keep not brushing your hair and just simply continue reading.

Ariana Grande: I’m Remaking What?

Ariana Grande: I'm Remaking What?

Ariana Grande had no idea she and Jessie J were remaking “The Boy Is Mine.”

The Internet lit up a few weeks ago after Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins confirmed he’s working with Ariana Grande and Jessie J on a “The Boy Is Mine” remake, except Ariana was the last to know.

Pharrell Adds His Spark To Beyonce’s “Blow” Remix

Pharrell Adds His Spark To Beyonce's "Blow"

Turn that cherry out, turn that cherry out.

Beyonce’s “Blow” remix with Pharrell Williams from her “Beyonce” Platinum Edition re-release is upon us, and per usual, Pharrell brings his swagger and vibe to the already poppin’ track.

Beyonce failed to add anything new into the song, so… judging for her that. Take a listen: