Nicki Minaj Stars In August Alsina's "No Love" Video

Beyonce Caught Lip Synching At Paris Show

Ariana Grande Channels Her Inner #BabyOneMoreTime

Jennifer Hudson's "He Ain't Goin Nowhere" Is Here To Stay

Time Flies When You're Getting To Work Bitch

Watch JLo And Iggy Azalea’s #Booty Video

Watch JLo And Iggy Azalea's #Booty Video

Jennifer Lopez’s bootiful video with Iggy Azalea is upon us.

If you’re in the mood to see a music video with a deep storyline, symbolism and plot twists then… go elsewhere, because Jennifer Lopez & Iggy Azalea’s “Booty” music video has none of that. It does, however, have a lot of… ugh you guessed it. BOOTY!

Catch it here:

Britney Gets A Little More Personal In Pics With Her Best Friend

Britney has a gay BFF. Queen!

Brit Brit showed off her bestie in two new photos she posted on Instagram, but more importantly, she’s wearing a fedora and giving me “Blackout” teas.

Check it out:

Katy Perry Infiltrating The iPhone 6

Katy Perry Will Be On Your New iPhone

Does she really think this is a good idea after the U2 debacle?

Katy Perry informed fans everyone getting an iPhone 6 she’ll have a selfie automatically in your newly purchased phone, because, I don’t freaking know. It’s like, no, stop. STOP! I’d like to choose what I have on my phone that I’m constantly using. If I want to see selfies of Katy Perry, I will log on to her Instagram account.

She Tweeted:

Britney Says The 30′s Are Her Best Years

Britney Says The 30's Are Her Best Years

Britney feels sexier then ever, and she performed with a snake once.

Britney recognizes your twenties are a shit show and the thirties are when self-discovery really takes a front seat (I’ve never been a passenger, though).

During an interview at her The Intimate launch last week, Brit says: