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Nicki Minaj Stars In August Alsina’s “No Love” Video

Nicki Minaj Stars In August Alsina's "No Love" Video

(No) Love makes you do crazy things.

Ever love someone but have to share them? That’s Nicki Minaj’s dilemma in her latest feature in August Alsina’s “No Love” remix music video.

In the video, Nicki and August play love interests. When he’s not at home with his girl taking selfies and shooting the breeze, he’s out at the club with his side ho – and it’s no secret to Nicki.

All it takes his a giant bouquet of flowers to win her back in the end, so there’s that.

I like it.

Catch it here:

Beyonce Caught Lip Synching At Paris Show

Beyonce Caught Lip Synching

Driver roll up the partition fast.

Beyonce was caught lip synching at her “On The Run” tour this weekend in Paris, and of course it was caught on tape. During her performance of “Partition,” a technical error glitched up the song, forcing Bey to crouch down to the crowd and pretend like shit didn’t just get real. Fortunately, her weave was not caught in a fan this time.

Beyonce fans are notorious for calling Brit Brit out, so this shit is hilar. To be fair, it’s impossible to sing live and dance hard for three hours, but, regardless, hilar.

See it here:

Ariana Grande Channels Her Inner #BabyOneMoreTime

Ariana Grande Channels Her Inner #BabyOneMoreTime

While promoting “My Everything” in Tokyo this weekend, Ariana Grande sported a school girl outfit – knee highs and all. It fired up the Britney Army for obvious reasons, so I gotta ask…

Who rocked the school girl outfit better?

Leave a comment in THIS THREAD in Exhale and let us know.

See more photos of Ariana performing:

Jennifer Hudson’s “He Ain’t Goin Nowhere” Is Here To Stay

Jennifer Hudson's "He Ain't Goin Nowhere" Is My New Jam, Ya Dig?

Jennifer Hudson gets groovy on her new single with Iggy Azalea.

Hudson’s new song, “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” produced by Pharrell Williams, is a 70′s disco inspired mid-tempo jam that’s completely fresh in today’s pop music culture. And to make things better… Iggy Azalea’s rap is actually listenable!

“I hope it’s a song people can listen to and let the music do what it’s meant: let go of the shit that holds you back and just take a minute to dance and feel good,” Hudson told BuzzFeed.

“[Pharrell and I] were able to use music and soul to actively reminisce on those fantasy nights of the ’60s and ’70s,” Hudson said. “We really worked to keep the sound relatable but the way the bass hits your chest and the guitar licks sort of tingle your ear really work well to transport you to a time in music history I just live for. It’s the sort of track you can’t listen to without moving and the fact that we were able to have Iggy join in on it was just what it needed. To be honest, I consider it one of the centerpieces of my album because it captures all the things that inspire me so well.”

“It’s the sort of track you can’t listen to without moving and the fact that we were able to have Iggy join in on it was just what it needed.”

“Whisper in his ear it makes it hotter / Don’t wipe the sweat it makes it better.”

Love love love! Listen here: