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Listen To Iggy Azalea’s Urban Single “Iggy SZN”

Iggy Azalea Is Reclassified

It’s Iggy Season… not autumn.

Iggy Azalea’s re-releasing “The New Classic” repackaged and retitled as “Reclassified,” and the lead single from the album called “Iggy SZN” is here.

She raps and does her thing and yeah it’s pretty catchy, but it’s no “Fancy” (you already know).

“If I told you what I’m worth, you would throw up / So have my money on time before I show up.”

The reinstallment includes six new songs with guest spots including Rita Ora, Charli XCX, Jennifer Hudson and Ellie Goulding. Her next single’s called “Beg For It” featuring Mø.

Ze tracklist:

1. We in This Bitch
2. Work
3. Change Your Life
4. Beg for It (feat. Mø)
5. Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora)
6. Trouble (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
7. Don’t Need Y’all
8. Rolex
9. Iggy SZN
10. Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)
11. Heavy Crown (feat. Ellie Goulding)
12. Bounce

I think it was a valiant attempt, but I’m not feeling it.

Listen up:

3OH!3 Talks New Music, Kesha, Ariana Grande Then Reflect

3OH!3 Talks New Music, Kesha, Ariana Grande Then Reflects

When Nat Motte from 3OH!3 grabbed me downstairs at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas for our BreatheHeavy.com interview in the suite before their show at the Rock Star Beer Festival, I prepared myself to walk into a smoke-filled room with a few dozen people, panties flung about everywhere, empty vodka bottles cluttering the counter – a typical scene of how I think rock stars party during a whirl-wind stay in Sin City. Nope, it was just us, band member Sean Foreman, their luggage and a Macbook Pro.

“We are here to rage our faces off,” Sean jokingly said sipping a beer.

I had one, too.

Nat said: “We’ve had a great history in Vegas. Our music is meant to be fun, it’s meant to be inclusive, it’s meant to be party music. That’s been something that’s grabbed on well in the club scene. It’s fun for us to come out here.”

You make party music, but do you party?

“I think at this point we’re seasoned,” Nat said before Sean interjected his tricks to side-stepping a hangover. “You take care of yourself in a way that allows you to party. You hedge your bets in different ways.”

It’s not all pleasure. The guys are currently performing while working on new music out in spring/summer of 2015.

“We’re actually writing our next album right now,” Sean said. “We’re in studio mode.”

Lady Gaga Invites Friend On Stage To Propose To His Boyfriend <3

Lady Gaga Invites Gay Friend On Stage To Propose To His Boyfriend

Love is a beautiful thang.

Lady Gaga invited her friend up on stage to propose to his boyfriend during her ARTRAVE show in Manchester, England on Tuesday, then serenaded them with a slowed-down version of “Born This Way.”

Basically, the coolest way to propose to your boyfriend ever!

Gaga told the audience:

“I told them, ‘Well it’s a great thing that there are gay people all over the world!’ Real human beings with real dreams and real stories … you deserve to love and express your love the same as everybody around the world. I wish you a beautiful love and happy marriage.”

Love love love this.

Get a tissue and watch:

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe – October 22

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe - October 22

Time to make another $475,000, Britney!

It’s no wonder Britney added nearly 50 more dates to her Piece Of Me Vegas residency; she’s killing it! Wednesday won’t be any different – she returns to the Axis theater inside Planet Hollywood for another round of performances this week. She has shows Friday and Saturday as well.