BreatheHeavy Reviews Taylor Swift's "1989"

Britney Treats Her Piece Of Me Dancers To Dinner

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Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe – October 25

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe - October 25

Now get to work bitch!

Britney has her third show of the week Saturday night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

In case you missed it… See updates from Britney’s show on Friday.

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Good luck, Brit!

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe – October 24

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe - October 24

After the feast, Britney and her dancers take the Piece Of Me stage on Friday.

Britney and her crew enjoyed a delicious meal at Bucca di Beppo on Thursday, but it’s Friday – back to business! Homegirl’s set to take home another $475K tonight for her performance inside the Axis theater inside Planet Hollywood.

BreatheHeavy Reviews Taylor Swift’s “1989″

I asked myself: what better way to write about Taylor Swift’s “1989″ than with a Coca Cola and a cat on my lap? The answer is there isn’t.

So what “1989″ leaked (“leaked”) ahead of its October 27 release, it’s projected to be one (if not the only) album to hit a million in sales opening week. We just get to enjoy it a weekend sooner.

In an attempt to stay relevant and keep up with my fellow blogosphere peers, I decided to give the album several listens and jot down my thoughts. Lucky for me there’s a backspace button. I went in mostly skeptical, expecting to hear Taylor Swift’s interpretation of what she THINKS “in” pop music is – hiring power-house producer Max Martin to churn out some epic jams. That she did, that he did, but something unexpected happened…

1. “Welcome To New York”

What it is: Taylor says she obsessed over moving to New York City before making the big leap. Most citizens of the Big Apple can’t afford to live in a high-rise, walk around with a luxury pet cat or leave gym workouts in stylish label clothes, but Taylor Swift can! She hit up OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder to pen her unrelatable experience of New York, gifting her robotic-sounding 80′s-vibe anthem for us mere peasents.

Standout lyrics:

The lights are so bright
But they never blind me, me

What would Britney say: I want a house in New York, L.A., Miami, Vegas and a ranch in Colorado.

Fifth Harmony Nails “Sledgehammer”

Fifth Harmony Nails "Sledgehammer"

“Sledgehammer” is the new “Wrecking Ball.” I don’t even know.

San Francisco radio station 104.3 played Fifth Harmony’s new single, “Sledgehammer” on-air last night, and I thank them for that. The girl-group continues to prove they’re one of the leading bands in music right now, cranking out hit after hit. This song’s no different!

Watch their music video for “BO$$” here.

The song’s about their ~feelings~ when they’re next to a dude they want to bang like.

“I struggle to contain/ All the love that’s in my veins and how it circulates/ If you take my pulse right now it would feel just like a sledgehammer/ If you could feel my heartbeat now it would hit you like a sledgehammer”

Their voices harmonize extremely well together. Wait, is that why… Oh.

I’m liking this one. Hear it here: