Does Jamie Lynn want to follow in big sister Britney’s steps? Newly published reports claim Jamie Lynn already wants another baby – just a few short weeks after giving birth to Maddie Briann. According to the National Ledger, Jamie Lynn “has been seeking the advice of big sis Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline about her nephews Sean and Jayden, who are one year apart.” That actually wouldn’t surprise me since mom and dad are both in touch with Kevin. Can you imagine that phone call? (Note: please use southern accent for Jamie Lynn, and douche accent for K-fed)

Kevin: Hello?
Jamie Lynn: Hi there it’s Britney!
::Kevin hangs up::
::Jamie Lynn redials::
Kevin: What
Jamie Lynn: OK it’s Jamie Lynn. I wanna get preggerz again real fast like Brit did. What’d y’all do?
Kevin: The pancake man don’t reveal his secrets. But freal I was jobless and poor, so the quicker I knocked her up the quicker I got my checks to make popozao-licious music in da studio gurrrl. Wanna hit?
Jamie Lynn: Awkward. Maddie’s cryin I gots to go.
Kevin: Just tell your nanny to deal with it.
Jamie Lynn: I am the nanny.
Kevin: Word?
::Jamie Lynn hangs up::

“Jamie Lynn is so taken with her little girl she wants to give her a sibling, preferably a sister, as soon as possible,” revealed a source. “Like Britney’s kids, she wants her babies to be about a year apart so they can grow up close to one another. She said, ‘How cute would it be for them to be dressed the same?’ She’s been asking Kevin about how his boys get along.”

Jamie Lynn was “born to be a mom,” said a source. “She said she knows she can handle two or three kids and wants to be a young mom.” But Jamie Lynn may have a tough time convincing Maddie’s dad Casey Aldridge to have another child, according to the source cited in the magazine.”

Jamie Lynn, one word: BIRTH CONTROL.

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