Zoe Saldana is an A-list actress, but she can remember a time when she wasn’t a blockbuster star on the set of “Crossroads,” and recalls why Britney was bigger than any of her fellow pop rivals back then.

“Britney’s a very beautiful human being,” Zoe told Allure for the magazine’s June 2013 issue. “After I worked with her, I realized that there was a reason why she was the most popular pop artist over so many other pop artists at that time who were more talented, had better voices. And it was because of her heart, her soul.”

Though Britney and Zoe didn’t become besties after filming “Crossroads,” she has major respect for Brit.

“I have so much pride in that,” she said. “I played a character I’d never played before—this little Southern belle—and I got to meet an artist that was at her peak at that time. She had the most amazing energy and was always positive and a very discreet person. We were young, too, and got to make a movie about three friends on a road trip. It was so much fun!”

No lies detected; very nice of her. Though, Britney’s always at her peak!

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