See her easy, breezy, beautiful promo spot.


Zendaya continues to solidify her position as one of Hollywood’s most promising young stars.

At just 19, Zendaya has managed to charm the world with her quirky personality, her social awareness and of course, her singing and acting.

Now, she’s taking on a role previously handled by big names such as Rihanna and Ellen by becoming the new famous face to represent Covergirl.

Meet your newest, easy…breezy beautiful…COVERGIRL Follow @covergirl for more??

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Hot news—@Zendaya is joining the COVERGIRL family! She's a quadruple threat (singer, dancer, actress, style & beauty icon) and total girl boss. As a #COVERGIRL, she'll share personal beauty tips (have you seen her brow game?) and inspiration to help you do you. Get the makeup list used on Zendaya in the comments below, and check back later for a special #COVERGIRLZendaya surprise! It’s huge!

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Aight y'all… Go to @covergirl for a chance to go to the Grammys and meet yours truly?

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Despite still being a teenager, Zendaya has unfortunately encountered scrutiny regarding her appearance since becoming famous. She was subjected to racially insensitive comments from a fashion judge after attending an awards show last year with dreadlocked hair. Zendaya spoke out against the comments and apologies were issued. Controversy continued later in the year, when Zendaya revealed on social media that a photoshoot of hers was heavily photoshopped without her permission. In more positive news, she had a Barbie created in her likeness, a collaboration designed to further represent girls of color in popular product merchandising. That representation continues now with the Replay singer’s new Covergirl endorsement, hopefully signifying a more positive commercial approach to Zendaya’s beauty.