Watch Zendaya dance the night away with a little encouragement from Cranston.


To survive in this business, you need a hook.

That’s advice the mysterious Bryan Cranston gives Zendaya in her new music video “Neverland” from Disney’s Finding Neverland The Album, the musical adaptation to Harvey Weinstein’s Broadway production of Finding Neverland. In the clip, Zendaya decides to vent her frustrations at a dance theatre, only to find she’s been locked out. With a magical touch from Cranston, she’s allowed in and dances the night away to her inspiring ballad.

β€œI am so excited to tell the story of Neverland through my own lens,” says Zendaya in a statement. β€œIt was an honor to act alongside Bryan Cranston, and so great to reunite with (choreographers) Maks and Ian (Eastwood), who both helped bring a cool and edgier vibe to the video through their choreography. I hope my fans are as inspired by Neverland as I was inspired by Finding Neverland on Broadway.”

Watch here:

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