Day says she’s ready for “more work, more work.”

Zella Day Says She's Learning A Lot About Herself Through Touring: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

Zella Day performed in front of thousands at the iHeartRadio music festival Saturday afternoon before our chat about where she’s at since releasing her record “Kicker” in June.

Day is enjoying the success from her recent singles “High” and “Hypnotic,” but there’s always more to pursue.

“More work, more work. I guess my mindset is… I’m just looking ahead,” she said of her experience since the album dropped. “The record’s out. I’ve been working so long on that now, and that was a chapter in my life, recording and writing, and now the next chapter is touring. I’m just trying to gear myself up for bigger shows because that’s what I’m sort of reaching for.”

Day says she’s still writing and recording music while on tour because it’s her outlet.

“It’s one of the most important things for me on the road… to stay grounded and keep my head together is to sort of keep the creative channel open just because I feel a little bit bogged down as a human being if I’m not writing and doing what I’m doing at home. I find moments in the hotel room to sit down with my guitar and write what I’m feeling and inspired by at the time. I think tour is amazing for that because I’m around new people and experiences every day, so I’m learning and changing a lot right now in my life.”

Day says it’s the end of festival season for her, but admits the experience has been “validating.”