Zedd & Kesha’s “True Colors”: BH Review

April 30, 2016 By Tommy

It’s the side of Kesha we’ve been waiting for.


Kesha’s return to music is a triumphant one.

Following a judge’s hard-hitting decision that the pop singer is to remain contractually bound to Sony Records and her alleged ****** Dr. Luke, nobody expected to hear new music from her so soon. But “True Colors,” her newly released collaboration with Zedd, is the best surprise in pop music so far this year. (Sorry, BeyoncĂ©.)

“I’m not afraid,” the she declares on the gothic power anthem. Kesha asserts her independence and unveils her true colors (“it ain’t no rainbow”), beautifully reflecting her personal troubles and expertly re-establishing herself as an artist. Despite it’s electronic production, the song diverts from “Tik Tok” and the other dance floor hits of Kesha’s earlier career. On “True Colors”, she is invigorated and raw, taking a mature stride away from the party girl per$ona she and Dr. Luke crafted together. Unbridled by autotune and her signature speak-sing delivery, Kesha also uses this song as a platform to remind us of her considerable vocal talent.

Given how perfectly suited for the song Kesha is, it’s surprising that “True Colors” is actually a cover. The song first appeared on Zedd’s album of the same name last year and featured vocals by Tim James, one half of the production team Rock Mafia, the masterminds behind some of Miley and Selena’s Disney-day hits. But Kesha improves upon the original version exponentially, as she lends a unique authenticity to lyrics like “I’ve escaped my capture/And I have no master.”

“True Colors” is not just a silver lining of the dark cloud Kesha has endured, but it is a delightful and dynamic pop song. She and Zedd, who continues to prove himself as one of the more formidable producer-DJs in the business, make an unexpected dream team. Listen below and make your final verdict.