I swiped right, naturally.

Zedd Is Now On Tinder

… to promote his new LP and tour. Duh!

Picture this: I’m casually sipping on some vitamin water as I check my apps on my phone before bed. I pull up the good ol’ Tinder because why not? I start swiping away since us single folk clearly can’t resist this sort of new-age digital dating for the somewhat superficial. During the process, to my surprise, I stumbled upon a friendly face. No, I’m not talking about your boyfriend, but instead, popular EDM DJ Zedd.

Before you all excited, it appears as if Zedd is only on the dating application to promote his new album True Colors and just-announced tour. I know. I know. Not everyone can be like Hilary Duff. I swiped right, we matched right up, but I couldn’t help spend the next few minutes pondering (and dissecting) stuff on the 25-year-old’s profile.

1. First off, Zedd is either catering to gay audiences (AKA that time Madonna hopped on Grindr) considering my M4M profile setting, or this is just a tactic aimed at everyone under the sun.

2. He his social media rep is only 1 mile away from my crib in Brooklyn, New York.

3. Oh, he’s pushing his new album True Colors with one hell of a aggressive social campaign ever.

4. And, now for the big question, what do I respond with?

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