Hear what would’ve been the first single from Mind of Mine.


In just 9 days, the first solo album from a One Direction member will be released.

Mind of Mine has been a long time coming but in just over a week, the wait is over. It’ll also be a year to the day since Zayn Malik left the band, and began an intriguing, sometimes controversial solo career.

While first single Pillowtalk was a mega hit, Zayn hasn’t quite capitalized on the success of the R&B jam, releasing two more singles (one hype, one official) – It’s You and Like I Would. The latter certainly got pop fans moving but so far nothing has stuck the way Pillowtalk did, with the track at one point sitting atop the charts in 90 countries.

The next release from the March 25 album is a song originally supposed to be the lead single. Back in November 2015, Fader magazine scored the first ever solo Zayn interview and within the story, the song BeFour was confirmed to be premiering first. No word on why that didn’t happen but Zayn fans can rest easy, because the 23-year-old just unleashed the song on the world:

BeFour is a Miguel-esque funk groove, addressing someone who has treated him wrong. The highlight is Zayn’s ten second falsetto at the 2:16 mark.

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