Zayn Premieres ‘BeFoUr’ Video + Performs ‘Like I Would’.

March 24, 2016 By Jessica

As Mind of Mine dominates the iTunes charts.


So say what you wanna say….

Get a glimpse into the “normal life” Zayn Malik once desired for himself in his latest music video. While the minimalist R&B groove is a moody ode to the results of a nasty fallout, the video shows viewers the unique personality of mundane life in a chilly Manchester town.

As was the case with ‘Like I Would’ evoking comparisons to the more bubblegum early One Direction effort ‘I Would’, 1d fans might find the BeFour video strikingly similar in parts to the band’s ‘Midnight Memories’ video, which saw the group take a night on the town in London. Is Zayn reinventing himself by reinventing his previous legacy? “I’ve done this before, not like this…”

Speaking of ‘Like I Would’, Zayn stopped by the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show for the second time in recent months, to perform the latest single from his newly released, current iTunes dominating debut album, Mind of Mine: