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Zayn Malik’s New Album Titled “Mind Of Mine”

His “Pillow Talk” music video premieres tonight!


Zayn Malik revealed his upcoming album is titled “Mine Of Mine” during his Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe.

A preview of Malik’s sit-down chat with Apple Music confirmed what fans suspected all along: his heart was never in One Direction. He admitted to never fully wanting to be in the band because his input wasn’t taken seriously. Now that he’s focusing on solo material, Malik will face the harsh reality of an ex-boybander. He’ll either sink or swim, and he’s hoping his new album “Mind Of Mine” will catapult him to the deep end.

Malik’s lead single is titled “Pillow Talk,” a frank song about ***, because of course, and the video will debut Thursday night at 9 p.m. PST.

Other highlights from his interview include:

  • He wrote 46 or 47 songs for the album.
  • Says: “I’m feeling nervous, I’m feeling happy.”
  • Recording: “We made a big part of the recording process to go to different places and record.”
  • Album: “Maybe 17, 18 songs.”
  • Life after The X Factor: “There was no real time to process things.”
  • Collaborations: “I’m not collaborating with anyone.”
  • Touring: “Eventually yeah, lets see how it goes.”
  • On a song titled “She”: “It’s bit more of a party tune!”

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