Malik stripped away the pop production for a cool acoustic version of his lead ‘Mind Of Mine’ single.


Zayn Malik stripped the pop production from the original “Pillowtalk” and re-worked it to a mellow acoustic number instead.

In interviews since his departure from One Direction, Malik admitted he never felt comfortable in the band because their music wasn’t his cup of tea. Upon going solo, it was his mission to find his sound. Cue “Pillowtalk,” a song that sounds exactly like something One Direction would put forth, so… yeah. A week ago, Malik dropped the Mind Of Mine song complete with whisking drum beats and climaxing production, but has since repackaged it as a drowsy acoustic tune that boasts his finely-tuned falsetto. He uploaded a couple of behind-the-scenes takes of him recording it in someone’s living room. Check those out then listen to the song in its entirety below:

Listen to it in full below:

We don’t prefer it over the original, however it’s refreshing to finally hear Malik, seeing how he keeps canceling interviews and such.

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