Zayn Malik Shaves Head And Twitter Breaks Down

April 17, 2015 By Ross

Queue the crying tweens.


Zayn Malik’s “Blackout”/”Stripped” era is upon us.

Zayn, formerly one-fifth of One Direction, has made his first public appearance since quitting the band tonight at the Asian Awards in London sporting a very different look than usual.

The bad-boy has ditched his growing locks and shaved his head – causing a meltdown on Twitter (guilty!) – in what may be the first attempt to distance himself from his former public image.

The hairstyle change also comes after he debuted a nose stud on Instagram last night so homeboy is making some big changes to reinvent himself.

While I try to avoid looking at the pictures of his new haircut (it’s not his best look) I can’t help but think that this is the start of a beautiful rebellion.

Between the shaved head and nose piercing, the potential for a pop masterpiece is almost guaranteed as he follows in the footsteps of Wigney and Xtina – who both delivered two of pop culture’s finest rebellions with “Blackout” and “Stripped,” respectively.

With “Dirty” and “Gimme More” leading said album campaigns, I cannot begin to imagine what Zayn’s first solo single would be like. Poles? Boxing rings? Group shower choreography? Assless chaps? It’s all too much.

While we wait for the album of the millennium (sorry “ARTPOP”), you can look at his dodgy haircut below.

britney-shave-their-heads photo celebrities-shaved-head_zps1scrmg29.gif

It’ll grow back.