Was it for business or pleasure?

Zayn Malik Hangs With Method Man & Redman

Malik possibly added Method Man and Redman to his expanding list of collaborations.

As the former One Direction member continues exploring his newfound musical freedom via the nightclub landscape, Malik finds himself hanging with precarious artists known for shaking things up. Most recently, Chris Brown said he’d collaborate with Zayn (“I know he has a huge fan base and the fans are waiting to hear his stuff, so it would be cool to get down and collab.”) as well as Tyler, The Creator’s public announcement regarding the matter – much to the approval of the 22-year-old. It now seems as if Malik is teaming up with Method Man and Redman from the Wu-Tang Clan. He posted a photo of himself in Las Vegas on Sunday night (Aug. 16), saying “Meth and red man tonight.” It’s unclear if the boys are just partying or recording new music together (or both), but the idea of a potential feature sounds intriguing.

All the Vegas lights must have gotten Malik feeling a bit cheeky, cause he Re-Tweeted a fan poll asking followers to choose between Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, the group his ex Perrie Edwards belongs to.

Happy Monday!