Singer claims “the worst anxiety of my career”.


Zayn Malik cancels yet another scheduled appearance after suffering an anxiety attack.

The 23-year-old Pillowtalk singer was set to appear alongside acts like Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande at the annual Capital FM Summertime Ball in the UK. Fans waited excitedly for what would be Zayn’s first big concert performance in his home country. But as the time drew closer and there appeared to be no sign of Zayn at Wembley Stadium, fans and media alike began to assume the worst.

Ultimately, Malik never showed but took to Twitter to clarify:

Zayn has spoken before about his introverted nature, explaining in One Direction’s 2013 concert film This Is Us, that he was never a fan of big crowds and would often go to his room as a child when too many visitors came over. He described days off from 1D’s exhaustive schedule as “massively important”, because he would need time for himself:

He also told media that he was too shy and nervous to meet Johnny Depp once:

“I was too nervous to go. I am a massive, massive fan and I didn’t want to embarrass myself so I let the boys go without me. Hopefully, there will be a next time. The boys said he was totally cool. I kind of regret it for sure and the lads said I was a scaredy-cat … Some of our fans get so excited or nervous when they meet us and that’s how I was at the thought of being with Johnny. But instead of lapping it up and enjoying it, I ran the other way.”

Malik appears to have had supreme difficulty performing in the United Kingdom since going solo. While he appeared numerous times on US television and at various US concerts or awards shows, so far Zayn has missed almost every big UK appearance, to the point where fans have speculated possible career sabotage from his former label.

Anxiety is no joke, neither is performing for 85,000 people. Summertime Ball is undoubtedly one of the biggest crowds an artist can play today, and it’s easy to understand why someone used to being surrounded by four other people is having some difficulties finding his feet going at it alone.