Shots fired!

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Zayn Malik just told Louis Tomlinson to get a life, so don’t expect to see One Direction reunite any time soon.

It all started when Louis went in for round two with UK producer Naughty Boy – who Zayn has been working with closely in the studio over the past few months – when he replied to a picture of him and Zayn with an immature high school tweet.

From there it was an embarrassing back-and-forth between Louis and Naughty Boy comparing their résumés and name-dropping Sam Smith that was just cringeworthy for everyone involved – until, this time, Zayn got involved to stick up for his buddy.

This is where things got interesting: in 2015, no one really knows what Zayn Malik is going to do but I don’t think anybody expected to see the mysterious skinhead reply, never mind an attack on his ex-bandmate.

So, Twitter took one collective gasp and collapsed into a state of Caps Lock and nonsensical tweets when he dropped all phucks and basically told Louis to log out of Twitter and get a life.

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To be honest, I don’t care much for One Direction – for me it was always about Malik – and Louis’ attempts to stir up drama online are pretty pathetic so I am all for Zayn growing a personality and making the split interesting.

Also, one of their psychotic Directioners have found that Zayn has apparently unfollowed all four of his ex-bandmates on Twitter.

Are you Team Louis or Team Zayn?