Zayn Loses 150k Followers; Kevin Jonas, Sam Smith Weigh In

May 7, 2015 By Jessica

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Zayn Loses 150k Followers; Kevin Jonas, Sam Smith Weigh In

A day after the latest 1D drama blew the internet apart, that other boyband who had a member shave his head and go solo (no, the OTHER other one) are starting to work their way back into the mainstream consciousness again – this time via Kevin Jonas.

The Jonas Brothers were, for a while, Disney’s golden children. Purity rings and harmless pop ditties abound, they were the perfect non-threatening group for daughters everywhere, without the rockstar antics of 1D, or the hypersexual lyrics of your average female Disney star.

Then it all just…stopped.

Fast forward to 2015, and Nick is garnering a decent following thanks to his slinky new R&B persona, and Kevin has now spoken publicly for the first time in a while.

He told People Magazine that his radio silence was 100% intentional, as he grieved over the ending of his band:

“Notice how when the Jonas Brothers went dark, we went dark. We didn’t do a single interview, we didn’t talk to anybody, we just went dark. I just got really depressed for a while. There’s a mourning process.”

He now believes Zayn Malik should do the same:

“In the midst of that intensity, he should go dark for a long time. You gotta go dark for at least six weeks! Like, underground, you gotta go hard, like you’re done. … You have to let the dust clear. Anything you do then will be scrutinized.”

Yeah….about that.

It would appear the damage is already done when it comes to how the One Direction fanbase feels about Zayn, now.

Not only did the hashtag #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN trend for almost 24 hours, but Zayn’s twitter follower count took a slight tumble after the heated exchange between the former “partners in crime”.

Yahoo reports:

In fact, some fans were so angry with the Bradford boy that they decided that they’d had enough with his antics and quickly unfollowed his Twitter account, and by ‘some’ we can more accurately reveal that we mean, erm, 95,352 of them. And counting.

The backlash was so significant, it actually caught Malik’s attention. He returned to twitter hours later with his tail between his legs:

Defending yourself against what? Louis subtweeting Naughty Boy after he sent out a passive-aggressive indirect twitpic aimed at Liam Payne’s relatively harmless instagram joke about hiring a bad karaoke singer as a new fifth member?

You love your fans but remain silent as Naughty Boy continues to antagonize them from as far back as late 2014?

1D fans served up some steaming hot teas of their own in response:

Zayn Loses 150k Followers; Kevin Jonas, Sam Smith Weigh In


Clearly, Kevin Jonas is onto something with this “go dark” theory.

Zayn probably would’ve found immense solo success if he’d all but fallen off the radar till next year before dropping a surprise debut album, Beyonce style. Now? Who knows?

But wait, there’s more…

It would appear Naughty Boy’s former collaborator, Sam Smith, has sided with 1D as opposed to the producer. After namedropping Smith in the feud with Louis, Sam unfollowed Naughty Boy on Twitter soon after.

Zayn Loses 150k Followers; Kevin Jonas, Sam Smith Weigh In

Smith then followed Noel Gallagher, who just days ago had some VERY harsh NSFW words for Zayn regarding his departure. And before you write this all off as coincidence: Sam began following Louis on April 17th.

Looks like the battle lines are being drawn.

Who will win the next round of Hunger Games: Boy Band Edition?