Zayn’s sophomore album, Icarus Falls, drops December 14.

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Yes, you read that staggering number in the headline correctly.

The singer’s long-anticipated second solo album contains 27 songs. It features previously released tracks, “Let Me” (listen here) “Sour Diesel” (listen here) “Entertainer” (listen here) “No Candle No Light featuring Nicki Minaj (listen here),” “Fingers” (listen here) and “Too Much featuring Timbaland (listen here).”

Here’s the album cover and tracklist. It’ll make your head explode!

It’s worth mentioning Zayn also released another one of the new tunes. It’s titled “There You Are,” and can be streamed at the bottom of the post.

  1. Let Me
  2. Natural
  3. Back to Life
  4. Common
  5. Imprint
  6. Stand Still
  7. Tonight
  8. Flight of the Stars
  9. If I Got You
  10. Talk to Me
  11. There You Are
  12. I Don’t Mind
  13. Icarus Interlude
  14. Good Guy
  15. You Wish You Knew
  16. Sour Diesel
  17. Satisfaction
  18. Scripted
  19. Entertainer
  20. All That
  21. Good Years
  22. Fresh Air
  23. Rainberry
  24. Insomnia
  25. No Candle No Light
  26. Fingers
  27. Too Much

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