The Sun says yes, Digital Spy says no.


The band that simply cannot relax is at it again.

The next One Direction bombshell has just gone off, this time with news breaking that Simon Cowell apparently no longer wants to associate with Zayn Malik, at least business wise.

The Sun reports that the 22-year-old was officially let go from Cowell’s Syco label:

Simon has set up a deal that suits Zayn and One Direction. Zayn will stay in the Sony family under a different label and it’s totally with Simon Cowell’s blessing.

This reported new development in Zayn’s patchy solo career beginnings comes days after he publicly ended his working relationship with music’s super-villain producer Naughty Boy, after he leaked a music video Zayn secretly filmed while he was still a part of One Direction.

The Sun said of the decision:

“It was just felt to be a bit difficult to have 1D and Zayn on the same label — and everyone felt it was better for him to be somewhere different. Since leaving the band, Zayn has changed management and lawyers so it would kind of make sense for him to work with a new label team.”

Read between the lines, a solo Zayn with different representation is likely a threat to the tight ship Syco prefers to run.

“But having said that, he still gets on great with Simon.”

Sure, Jan.

Fans of Zayn/1D took the initial report quite well. They’re increasingly frustrated with Syco/Sony’s restrictive ways of managing musical acts, but it appears celebrations might’ve been premature as a rep has reportedly already denied the claims to Digital Spy:

“Zayn is still with Syco,” a company representative told us on Friday (July 17).

Of course, the glaring issue here is an official statement was made about this within hours of The Sun’s article being published. But, two days later, complete radio silence from anyone officially related to 1D still remains regarding the bizarre claims Louis is going to become a father.

So basically, this is an accurate representation of “Behind The Scenes At One Direction” right now:

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