Larsson dances around a mansion in knee-high boots in the new music video.


UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 30: Zara Larsson said “Ain’t My Fault” is a man-stealing anthem, but the music video doesn’t go there. Instead, Larsson finds herself dancing in and around an elaborate mansion with her all-female squad. One guy does find himself in the young pop star’s web, but she takes one good look at him and sends him on his way. Watch:


Zara Larsson: Swedish pop star, 18-year-old, home wrecker.

On a quest for mainstream super stardom in the U.S., Larsson lands another hit with her new song “Ain’t My Fault.” She co-wrote the stomping song with “Never Forget You” accomplice MNEK, boasting a braggadocios fierceness as she sings about taking your man.

“The topic is me talking to a girl about her man and I basically stole her man,” Larsson said in an interview to Shazam. “I’m like, ‘It’s not my fault that I’m better than you’… and I don’t know why we wrote it because I would never say something like that to a girl. No! We’re supposed to team. If we could tweak the lyrics that would be great.”

Larsson adds the song deals with themes of “****-shaming” when two girls are competitive over a dude, but she can’t relate to it. “I just want to be able to sing about stuff I can I can actually say and stand for in real life.”

Whether Larsson is a man-stealer remains to be seen, but it does make for a catchy pop song. Listen:

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