Zara Larsson Gets Flirtatious on New Single “I Would Like”

November 10, 2016 By Ross

It ain’t her fault.


Sweden’s best pop girl goes bad.

Zara Larsson is following up her sass-filled single “Ain’t My Fault” with a finger-snapping, dance-heavy dose of *** appeal on “I Would Like.”

The new single could easily be written off as a generic club bop, but let’s not be so dismissive here: Zara sounds great (as expected), the lyrics are shamelessly **** and there’s some killer melodies.

“I can’t help myself, it’s human nature / Who’s to say what’s meant to be / Why can’t we be on our worst behaviour / When it comes so naturally,” she sings.

In 2016 there’s no time for sickly-sweet metaphors or triple entendres, so lets follow Zara’s lead and just get straight to it.

“I Would Like” will be released tomorrow (Nov 11) but a clip has made its way online.

Listen below.

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