@zaralarsson hasn’t Tweeted yet.

@zaralarsson hasn’t Tweeted yet.

The Internet is a tough place. Just ask Swedish pop star Zara Larsson. The 19-year-old decided to remove every Tweet she’s ever posted off Twitter and start fresh.

Her account automatically posted a Tweet from DeleteAllTweets.com revealing the “Symphony” singer’s intentions. She received a barrage of messages from fans begging her to reconsider. Most were upset any mentions they got from their fav would be lost.

“Ahhh maannn I wanna delete it all,” she wrote in a now-deleted Tweet (obviously). “Mentally I’m not in a grrreat place right now and social media is taking so much of my energy and I feel like everything I say gets twisted.” She added: “Even tho you never really delete anything in the cyber world it would feel fresh af to start over on twitter and Instagram.”

One of the most-recent examples? Her review on Netflix’s record breaking new show 13 Reasons Why. It’s a story about a high school student named Hannah Baker who commits suicide, but before she does records tapes blaming the people who contributed to her demise. Zara thinks it glamorizes suicide. “13 reasons why is mehh don’t @ me,” she wrote. “in my opinion it romanticizes a revenge suicide and it doesn’t bring up mental illness or depression AT ALL.”

As it stands, Zara’s Instagram remains intact, but it could disappear at any moment. Save what you need now before that one’s gone, too.

I’m definitely gonna Tweet her some words of encouragement…

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