This song should not be ignored.


UPDATE: Era Istrefi added Post Malone to a remix of the song, because why not? Listen below:

EARLIER: // JUNE 27 The English version premiered, and though it’s not as good as the original, it’s still fire.


Meet Era Istrefi: the Albanian pop star who’s voice was mistaken for Rihanna.

Over the past few weeks, in the midst of the “ANTI” waiting game, a clip of a bouncy reggae-pop song made the rounds on Twitter and people thought it was the Rihanna and Major Lazer collaboration we’ve been dreaming of – only to find out it wasn’t.

This song was “BonBon” by Era Istrefi – or ERA, she doesn’t mind – and since being discovered by the Navy, its music video has racked up 9+ million views and the song has been climbing up iTunes charts all over Europe.

Her raspy voice glides over the dance production, singing in Albanian with the occasional English, and even with the low-budget video and beyond-basic wardrobe (the hot-pink fur is iconic) she owns it with the attitude of a real pop star.

ERA is yet to release her debut album and this is her seventh single, so hopefully she’s fluent in English and can slay the charts worldwide with her predictably gasp-inducing bilingual debut.

“BonBon”, get into it.

“BonBon” is available on iTunes.

Queen of Albania.