The best of this week’s New Music Friday.

Liv Dawson is one to watch.

As usual, I found myself skipping several tropical house-lite covers of classic ’00s songs and unimpressed by a lot of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist today. And then I heard Liv Dawson’s voice.

“Searching” is only the fifth song Dawson has released, from what I’ve found, and I expect this will be the one to kick things off in a very big way.

The 18-year-old’s soulful voice effortlessly takes control over Disclosure’s timeless and unmistakable production, as she mourns over a love that never was.

It’s another dose of dance-pop perfection that happens when Disclosure is at the wheel, combining a soulful vocal, somber lyrics and a killer beat.

Listen to “Searching” below.

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