This one’s promising.


Missing Robyn? Don’t worry, Shura’s “White Light” is the exact brand of intricately polished synth-pop that’s missing from your summer.

The song premiered on UK radio on Wednesday (June 3) as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record In The World” – a statement that may prove difficult to argue with.

The UK singer take listeners on a seven-minute long journey to outer space in search of self-love, with her pristine vocals steering the dreamy soundscape in and out of groovy dance breaks.

It’s the kind of tune that’s so grand that you know on first listen it’ll be the backdrop to many memories. Forget those “Song of Summer” polls, this is the sound of summer.

Shura’s been gaining momentum online for the past year but I think that “White Light” is going to take her from SoundCloud to the mainstream. Her as-yet untitled debut is expected to drop later this year under Polydor Records.

“White Light” will be released in the UK on July 20.

What do you think?