You Can Thank Lady Gaga For Making Zedd A Thing

July 18, 2015 By James Dinh

Pop titan worked her connects.

You Can Thank Lady Gaga For Making Zedd A Thing

DJ also talks about the first time he met Selena Gomez … on his way to the bathroom.

Zedd owes a lot to Lady Gaga, or at least that’s how he makes it sound based off his new interview with the Associated Press. During the conversation, the DJ admitted that a demo of a track called “Addicted To A Memory,” which appears on his new album True Colors, made its way into Lady Gaga’s hands over three years ago and changed his life forever.

As the legend goes, Mother Monster was apparently so impressed with the DJ that she recruited him to work on ARTPOP and helped him find a home at Interscope Records.

She said she wanted me to produce her album and she called Jimmy Iovine and said, ‘You have to sign this kid Zedd.’ So Jimmy signed me because Gaga called him.”

It’s one of the few highlights from the interview, which was published on Wednesday (July 15). Among the other interesting tid bits include the first time he met Selena Gomez (on his way to the bathroom), not feeling confident enough to sing lead on his own music and discovering Ariana Grande long before her donut-licking shenanigans.

Meeting Selena Gomez: “Our studios are right across the street from each other, and I just went to the bathroom and ran into her at the studio. We recorded her vocal and I loved it, and I never tried anyone else on it.”

Singing on his own tracks: “I actually sing on almost every song on the album, I’m just not the lead vocal…I would never be the lead vocal. I don’t like my voice enough to ever be the focus of a song…I would not be opposed to taking singing lessons and getting better at it. As of right now, I enjoy not being the center of attention.”

Discovering Ariana Grande: “I heard her voice and personally I didn’t even know anything about Ariana Grande back then, but I loved her voice and I told my manager that whoever the singer is, I wanna work with her,” Zedd said of discovering Grande at a pre-Grammy event in 2014.

Read Zedd’s full AP feature here and then take a listen to the final version of “Addicted To A Memory.”

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