You got $50,000?

You want Britney’s costumes? You better pay, *****.

A lucky auctioneer who has collected many of Britney’s iconic outfits over the years is now auctioning off seven incredible originals that any Britney fan would want.

The all-or-nothing auction includes the silver Versace Atillier dress worn to the 2008 VMAs, the hot pink bra and thong-over-jeans look from the “Slave” video, her 2001 Super Bowl outfit and the “Me Against The Music” video outfit.

The best of all, you ask? The legitimately iconic outfit worn by Britney performing “Slave” at the 2001 VMAs. The green bra, the bedazzled blue shorts with the ruffles running from each hip and the **** boots.

The pink chaps from the “Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)” video and two Dream Within A Dream costumes are also part of the set.

The seven costumes will set you back a cool $46,8000 (plus $200 for shipping) but only applies to fans in Canada and the U.S. I’m sure that could be changed with a good enough offer, though…

You have 7 days, Girls And Boys. Now get to bidding, *****!

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