Kevin and Kaplan demanded an unscheduled court hearing today because of Britney’s several missed drug tests. Apparently if you miss your drug test it is considered a fail, despite Britney passing ALL of her drug tests: “As TMZ first reported, K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went to court this morning, arguing that Brit’s visitation should be modified because she’s violating the order requiring her to respond to the drug-testing people within an hour of the time they call.”

Britney can get a call to take a drug test at any time, day or night. Anne Kiley, Britney’s lawyer, defended Britney in court today arguing that the judge has no idea what it’s really like for Britney by saying: “You are not a pop star with a number one album, so you don’t know.”

The judge’s response? “This isn’t about who’s a rock star… We’re all bending over backwards to get her to behave like ordinary people.”

I would like to see Kaplan live with the press 24 hours in his face and see what life is like. Oh wait, he would probably LOVE that.

“Both Kaplan and the judge mentioned problems of changed phone numbers, lost phones, assistants answering and then hanging up, calls being forwarded to random numbers and so on,” reports OK! “the court was looking into the possibility of changing testing facilities and creating a sole, dedicated phone line between Britney and whichever facility ends up continuing with the testing.”

Whatever Kiley said worked, as the judge granted her wish of more reasonable hours for the drug tests to be administered.

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