Taking Double D on the road.

Fergie confirms she’ll take Double Dutchess on the road.

This is really good news, because it’s been a rocky 2017 for the pop star. Her new album Double Duthcess hemorrhaged onto the Internet weeks before its official release date, and the Visual Experience cost her a pretty penny (she’s still working on paying it off). But despite the roadblocks, Fergie is figuring it out. She says she’ll be damned if a tour doesn’t take place.

“Oh yeah the tour is coming,” she recently told E! News. “I don’t do this much work to not tour. I want to bring all those visuals to life, cause it’s different from video to stage,” she added. “So it’s a whole new element when you performing something live on stage.”

Fergie has a point. “Tension,” “Hungry,” and a bunch of the other DD tracks are too great not to see them live. Plus, it’s a great incentive to earn back some of that M.I.L.F. $.

Watch the interview below:

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