The British star has spoken out about the darker side of social media.


Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has spoken about homophobic abuse on social media.

Social media has revolutionized the music industry, with fans feeling closer than ever to their favorite pop stars, but the intimacy comes at a cost, as Olly Alexander revealed to NME this week. The “King” singer is the latest in a long line of celebrities to take a step back from social media due to ‘trolls’ and vicious comments.

He says:

“I get trolled… The usual stuff – sometimes it’s homophobic, like gay hate. But I don’t understand why people ‘@’ me on Twitter to say ‘Olly Alexander can’t sing’ or ‘Olly Alexander, you’re ugly as f**k’. If we’ve been on TV I don’t go on Twitter for a while after. I get some people who are really gross and make **** jokes about me.”

Unsolicited anonymous opinions are part and parcel of being an entertainer in 2016, but no one should have to tolerate ‘jokes’ about **** or homophobic abuse, so good for Olly for not engaging and stepping away from the social platform.

He also spoke to NME about the music that’s inspired him, saying that he “fell in love with girl groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child.” Didn’t we all, Olly? He also claims he wishes he’d written Little Mix’s “Black Magic” and that Stevie Wonder made him want to sing.

Watch the full video over on NME.

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