You know me – I can’t resist posting a good ol fashioned ******** story. Especially around the holidays! Speaking of the Holidays, tis the season of giving and forgiving. Cue Kevin Federline!

According to Britain’s Look Magazine, “Britney and Kevin have come to realize they still love each other.”

PUKE! And that takes a lot for me to say that word; it’s disgusting, but fitting.

“They have been seeing a counselor and have drawn up a list of rules so they can improve their relationship. Kevin has been staying over a lot but I don’t think it will be long until they are living together full-time again. They have slipped back into their old relationship really easily,” an insider reveals.

The tabloids must not read the candid interview Britney gave during “For The Record” when she could barely utter Kevin’s name. They also must have skipped Kevin’s “tell-all” interview with People Magazine last week which he says he only sees Britney in passing when the kids are being picked up or dropped off. Yea, they must have missed that.

“Kevin is excited about living with Britney again because he finds it tough being a single dad. She is thrilled because she can have her kids back and a relationship with someone she trusts,” says the spy, who adds, “He thinks she is the girl he fell in love with again. He really believes they have a future together.”

File this under the ******** category. Like you believed it anyway…

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