Christina Aguilera won’t make the same mistake twice.

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It took six long years to release her latest album, Liberation, and according to the pop star herself she already has plans for a followup(!!!).

X held a Q&A with fans on Twitter and revealed a bunch of material she created landed on the cutting room floor.

“Quite a few actually,” she said in response to a fan’s question asking how many songs didn’t make it. “I had recorded a lot more & you may see them pop up on tour, on my socials, or even on a follow-up album… WHICH NO I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE ANOTHER 6 YEARS TO RECORD.”

She used capital letters like that and I’m thrilled.

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“Part of the reason behind #Liberation taking that long was a start and stop process with having my daughter & my schedule with The Voice, which is no longer happening, and I am very inspired with the new direction I’m going,” she continued.

“I’m hearing and loving all your passion and desire for more content— I’m grateful & going to give back… I just want us to remember that at this point in my career I’m in competition with no one but myself.”

Then Christina loses all f–ks. “I’ve had extreme commercial success in my career & I am grateful, but I am not a number chaser— I’m a truth seeker, and to me my art will always speak for itself outside of the noise.”

“It’s been really rewarding to be able to focus on getting back to my love of the music & not the superficial grind of the machine or cheesy commercial demands that are put on us as artists.”

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“I’ve said yes to much in my career that I’ve felt uncomfortable with, and this time around I promised myself that it was about getting back to my truth moreso than anything else.”

I’m going to hold Legend X to this new music talk!

Check out the Q&A below:



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