I think I’m renaming BreatheHeavy.com to XFactorIsAllWeTalkAbout.com, because this shiz is getting crazy! Is she? Isn’t she? The possibilities and rumors is a Britney fan’s *********!

One fan Tweeted X Factor about Britney, and their response was a play-on “Till The World Ends” lyrics! Are we reading into it too much? Probably. But who cares! Britney has the x-factor and is a legend in the biz. If anyone would know what it takes to become a superstar, it’s her.

“But Jordan, people are going to criticize her because she doesn’t sing live all the time. This is a singing competition.” My response?

100 million albums sold, 7 tours (House of Blues counts) and 13 years in the industry. PERIOD! Your favs could never.


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