Producers for The X Factor want an extended time delay during the live episodes, reports the

A friend of Britney’s says: “Britney has been getting her life back together this year. Everyone around her has worked hard to get her back to a good place and keep her there, and what Lufti’s doing seems like it might undo their good work.”

The normal delay for live events like this is seven seconds, enough to censor a curse word, but not long enough to hide someone storming off stage.

A source close to show production said: “It’s not surprising people are concerned, it’s going to be a huge test for her and there’s a lot of pressure, in fact producers have had meetings to discuss having an extended time delay on the live show broadcast which is usually seven seconds delay.”

“It’s up to Fox if they can make it longer but everyone’s nervous and no one knows what to expect.”

Another insider added: “Britney is going to be live on-air for 3 hours a week. If anything goes wrong, it happens in front of the whole country – there is no rewind button on LIVE TV.”

“Taping auditions is one things when they have a whole day to take breaks but live shows could be a train wreck if she isn’t super-prepared for it or if she can’t handle the pressure.”

“X Factor has always claimed that Britney didn’t walk off during auditions but everyone knows she struggled at the start o its hardly a surprise if the producers are asking for an extension into the live broadcast.”

The source continued: “Auditions are one thing, but live is a whole other ballgame.”

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