Finalizing Britney’s X Factor deal is delayed because of her “insane” demands, reports Reality Weekly.

“Some demands, like decorating Britney’s private space and office to certain specifications, as well as what should be stocked in the fridge each day, are driving negotiations to a point of disgust.”

The Queen is also “demanding to have nannies to help her with her sons when they visit, tutors and even an in-house doctor in case one of them scrapes a knee!”

Umm… these are very miniscule requests if you ask me. You want Britney Spears on your show? You best hook her up with a nice office, fully-loaded fridge and a couple people to look after her boys on set.

Anyhow, file this under the BS category. Brit’s reps denied the allegations. However, though her supposed demands don’t seem that unrealistic…

An official announcement is expected soon.


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