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Want to write for BreatheHeavy.com? Kay.

Hi BreatheHeavy readers! Jordan Miller here. Are you interested in contributing to the content posted on BreatheHeavy.com? Great! Now’s your chance!

Last summer I consciously made a switch from posting about just Britney Spears, to pop music (and Britney Spears). Since that change, BreatheHeavy’s scored interviews with Britney, Lady Gaga, OneRepublic, Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora, Tinashe, Lance Bass, the list goes on and on. Sure, you may recall the initial death threats, the feisty comments and transparent backlash blah blah blah but the site has seen GREAT change, but I’m only one *****, and I need a team of ******* to further grow the site/brand/all that corporate mumbo jumbo.

If cleverly writing about pop music sounds exciting to you, please submit your info / resume / questions to breatheheavydotcom[@]gmail.com. Kindly include any sample stories if you have any.

Imagine 365,000+ people a month reading your content. Mind. Blown.(?)

Qualifications, TBH:

  • LOVE POP MUSIC. It should be a passion of yours. Actually, I’d prefer it’s your religion, but I think that request is against the law.
  • Know how to WRITE. Be witty, have a personality; this isn’t CNN. If you have to ask me to clarify, please X out of the page immediately.
  • Know basic HTML. We use WordPress, so that should help. A lot.
  • Social media skillz would be nice.
  • Be FREE to write a couple posts, several times throughout the week, and be snappy about it! Ain’t nobody got time for your two-day late story about Rihanna.
  • Promise your first born to me.
  • I’ll review your content and get back to you within the next week(ish). Or longer. I’m swamped.

    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!