Yea her body looks so sick I think I caught the flew!

Britney is looking HOT in these new rehearsal photos on! Britney’s been exercising 90 minutes a day, followed by another five hours of tour rehearsals!

“I’m pumped up!” Spears tells People inside her cozy dressing room on the Sony lot in Culver City, Calif. “We’ve been working hard. And the costumes are coming next week. This is the exciting part, when all the pieces – the masterpiece – come together.”

Britney’s trainer, Derek DeGrazio, has cooked, packaged and labeled meals (like baked fish and broccoli) and snacks (such as celery with almond butter) for Britney, six days a week (total of 1500 calories p/ day).

She does get a break from all the discipline, though. Sunday, says Spears, is her “cheat day.”

“You can see the tone in her muscles – her arms, legs and abs,” says DeGrazio. “She looks amazing.”

1000-crunches-a-day-Britney ain’t got nothing on 6-hour-a-day-workout-Britney!

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