Worrying For JLo's "Worry No More"

That face tho.

When I saw JLo’s cover for “A.K.A.” I was like ‘fierce ***** is fierce!’ When I heard her single for “First Love,” I thought to myself ‘this ***** is back!’ I longingly stared at her voluptuous Puerto Rican behind during the “I Luh You Papi” music video. I was ready for Jennifer to slay me with this album, but if the rest of the record is anything like the couple of teasers she released on her Vevo account this week, I think I’ll have to use the physical copy as a coaster in my office and go back to “Blackout” TBH.

On Wednesday, Jlo released a teaser for “Emotions,” but fortunately it was only one-minute long. It felt even more cringeworthy watching it again today, and this next teaser for “Worry No More” with Rick Ross is just as lackluster.

It’s like, if you’re trying to pull a Beyonce, you better bring it on a silver platter. Not a tray from Chipotle.