"Work *****" Music Video Looks Familiar?

Britney’s “Work *****” music video took the internet by storm on Tuesday, but it has some wondering if its a rip-off.

Idolator.com claims director Ben Mor “borrowed ideas” from Mexican pop act Prima J, Serbian club queen Nikolija and Chinese songbird Jane Zhang.

In Prima J’s “Corazón,” the singers are seen standing on a white platform in a pool.

"Work *****" Music Video Look Familiar?

Nikolija’s “Cao Zdravo” music video shows her dominating women on a leash.

"Work *****" Music Video Look Familiar?

And in Jane Zhang’s “Personal Look” there’s a scene where a group of women dance in the middle of the desert.

Ben Mor predicted the release would come with controversy because that’s the way her fans roll.

“Getting Cyber Bullied by Britney started out as playful hazing, but quickly freaked me out when the entire Brit Army descended upon me with ferocity. I had to read thousands of Tweets telling me to “Hurry the **** up, *****”! It worked out to everyones benefit at the end, and thank God it seems like the fans have approved of vid (so far) — I am sure the Hater Shoes will drop soon…they always do.

Until then I can proudly say that I got Cyber Bullied by Britney Spears! Things could be worse.”

It’s tough coming up with an unique theme, but don’t believe the hype; Ben Mor came up with an original concept and executed it perfectly. Do you think the video is a blatant rip off or just share similar scenes because of coincidence. Leave a comment in Exhale!

UPDATE: Director Ben Mor posted this statement on Instagram about this fuckery from Idolator, as well as the rumor that it cost $6 million to make.