“Work *****” off “Britney Jean” moves to #21 (from #13) on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

It’s down eight spots on the Digital Songs chart at #22, and #19 on the Streaming Songs chart and up five on Radio Songs (#42).

In a recent podcast, Billboard talked about “Work *****,” noting the track has a similar charting pattern to “Scream & Shout.”

“What’s interesting with Britney is that her last couple albums have had really huge radio singles, and they were kind of hits of out of the box on radio. This time around she’s having a harder time having Top 40 radio embracing “Work Work.” So for example, “Hold It against Me,” which was the single from her last album, “Femme Fatale,” debuted on our mainstream top 40 Airplay Chart… then one week later it was in the Top 10… so in four weeks time it was already at number five. Why is the Top 40 Airplay chart important? Because that’s her core format, that’s where she gets the most airplay at. So if any radio station’s going to be playing Britney, it’s going to be Top 40 Airplay.”

Why is the song not doing better? They claim it’s because “Work *****” is an aggressive dance song, where as “Hold It Against Me” was more of a traditional ~Britney~ song. The charting is similar to “Scream & Shout” because it’s a slow burning song that should have a long shelf life on the charts.

Very interesting listen (starts at 17:30).

I predict Britney’s next single won’t follow the club-anthem route her first singles usually take, and will show better performance on the charts because it’ll reach a broader audience. Numbers aren’t everything, but scoring another number one certainly never hurt anybody!