“Womanizer” Video + Director’s Cut Premieres At 11pm EST

As you all know, “Womanizer” premieres tonight on ABC’s 20/20. According to Britney.com, there are two versions of the music video: one which will premiere on television, and the other being a director’s cut which will be featured on Britney.com.

“The world premiere of “Womanizer” actually won’t be until 20/20 is OVER,” reports the site. “So that’s more like around 11pm ET… The DIRECTOR’S CUT of the “Womanizer” vid will be up and ready watch on Britney.com after it airs on ABC… which means this version will be more, longer, sexier.”

BreatheHeavy.com will also be streaming the music videos online. A director’s cut? Yes please!

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