“Womanizer” is still currently the most downloaded song on iTunes’, coming in at #1 on the Top Songs chart as well as the Top Pop Songs chart.

The single also debuted on Billboard’s top 100 this week! Ok, so it was at 96th, BUT that does not include this week’s digital sales, which is expected to place the single in the top half by next week, if not top 5 – competing against T.I., Beyonce & Shakira for biggest jump ever on the Billboard charts.

In fact, the single has jumped up over 10 spots on Media Base, which measures radio airplay, coming in at #22.

“Womanizer” isn’t just doing well on iTunes’, but is also one of the most purchased songs on Amazon.com! coming in at #3 on their best selling MP3 chart. “But Jordan, I already bought it on iTunes’, why would I buy it again on Amazon if it won’t count towards her overall digital sales?” Not true!

According to Fred from Billboard.com, buying the single twice DOES count towards digital sales and is not considered cheating: “Buying a track two times would count as two sales. There could be a number of reasons you would want to buy the same song twice (maybe you want to have it on 10 different computers). However, if you were to buy a track, let’s say, oh, 800 times, that would be considered an anomaly and would not count.”

So whip out your CC and be a big spenda! Great job on all the support guys, let’s keep B-girl in her favorite position: missionary #1!

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