Britney’s latest single “Womanizer,” has reached #1 on iTunes Top Downloads chart in less then 24 hours after its release last week, and has remained there since.

According to, the song has exceeded expert’s expectations, and will chart high as one of this week’s top singles. “A final sales tally won’t be available until Thursday, but predictions are estimating sales of over 250,000 downloads through iTunes and other digital outlets including Amazon, Rhapsody and Walmart.”

The music video for “Womanizer,” directed by Joseph Kahn, will help digital sales this week, and is expected to keep “Womanizer” at the top of the digital downloads charts for another week.

Unfortunately, “Womanizer” has not been available for download on iTunes today for no specified reason, hurting Britney’s chances for a #1 single on Billboard – something she has not accomplished since her very first single for “Baby One More Time.”

T.I.’s “Live Your Life” comes in at 2nd, and Pink’s “So What,” places third. Christina Aguilera’s “Keeps Getting Better” moved down several spots to #9.

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