While you were getting drunk celebrating last night that Britney has once again claimed the top spot on iTunes, I was pulling my hair out because my Internet connection was busted. I never want to see those ******* orange and green blinking lights on the motem ever again. Literally, a piece of me died inside last night.

Anyway, Britney is once again in first place on iTunes’ Top Songs chart, knocking Taylor Swift’s (who?) “Fearless” to number two, followed by T.I.’s “Life Your Life” at number three.

“Womanizer” was knocked out of the top 5 after iTunes unexpectedly removed the song from their database, claiming the song was “temporarily removed by the content provider.” A.K.A. they screwed up.

Well, the song is back – and right where it should be: #1. Christina Aguilera’s “Keeps Getting Better” is nowhere near the top 15.

Congrats Britney!

Sooo I’m hearing iTunes is officially shutting down?

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