Willow Smith wrote a somber song on Election Day.


Willow Smith wrote a somber song on Election Day.

Tens of thousands of people in more than a dozen cities are uniting in at anti-Trump protests following last week’s surprising Election Day upset. The music world has not remained quiet about it, but not much time has passed to compose their fear into song, but mark my words a heap of politcally-charged music is on its way.

One of the first offerings comes from Willow Smith, who wrote an ethereal ballad titled “November 9th” as a means of making sense of it all.

“I wrote this song on the day of the election,” she wrote on SoundCloud. “Peace and revelations to all!”

Willow’s voice is lead gently through a stream of guitars as she sings about staying positive in trying times.

“Baby girl I know you’re tired / Don’t let the world put out your fire / Take my hand and you will see / Sadness and anger aren’t everything.”

Listen below and endorse your choices:

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