William Orbit Talks Britney

From Facebook:

Well, am just 5 days away from taking a holiday. First in ever so long! Been a couple of years. Seriously. That’s nuts. Rest and relaxation is what the doctor has ordered. I got a bit burned out in the last few weeks. Which maybe explains some of the crazy tweets. So it’s destination Palm Springs. Agenda: just being a slob. Yea! And then so much to look forward to after that. Including some great songs with Britney. One I can think of is just really what everybody wants. A sure hit. And from the heart. She’s recording vocals next week. Meanwhile, I’ll sit by the pool and get my mojo back. A person can only do so much, however driven. As for a facebook holiday, am bound to keep posting. And any news of interest I’ll post here first. Or on Twitter. Sometimes that’s where I put the ‘of-the-moment’ stuff. Britney, Queen and Michael Jackson, other things cooking up (you’d be surprised!) And as always, if you want to make me smile, go to my little homemade YouTube channel, subscribe, have a look at a couple of clips and leave a comment. And it’s where I try out Strange Cargo ideas. And my obsession with visuals, which in my mind are indistinguishable from music. And keep sending me messages and comments here on this facebook page. I read everything and love to have that connection. And know more about the world outside of music-making. Even if I don’t always reply directly. Very best wishes, W