Fans Grill William Orbit Over "Alien" Controversy

William Orbit wants it known he is NOT responsible for the glitches heard on “Alien,” pointing the finger at Will.I.Am for the mixing mistake.

If you recall, the drama started after an initial version of the song leaked onto the net with seemingly unaltered vocals. Orbit clarified that was not the original version, and two weeks later fans were introduced to the album version. AKA Meltdown #1. There was clearly some auto-tuning used and it actually made it sound worse.

THEN, The Army took a closer listen and found an editing mistake at 2:14 in the song – it sort of skips. Fans pointed the finger at Orbit. AKA Meltdown #2.

In November, Orbit posted on Facebook.

“Should I let this whole Britney demo thing lie? Yes.
But will I? Hmmm, hard to when you care as much as I do.
Will I ever clear my name of heinous autotune crimes? Time will tell =)”

Looks like Orbit is VERY unhappy Will effed up his chance for a single off “Britney Jean” and instead “It Should Be Easy” is chosen. Meltdown #3?